Friday, March 18, 2016

Christian and Country

This past week has been a blur of amazing concerts and fun friends!  Within a week I was able to catch my first Christian concert - Winter Jam, the classic Clay Walker in Nacogdoches, and dancing the night away at the Houston Rodeo with Mr. Worldwide, Pitbull himself.   Enjoy the photos and check out the links and tags below for more info!

Friday night I headed out with a couple of friends (pictured below) from my church ladies group to our basketball arena, Toyota Center.  We attended Winter Jam for $10 cash at the door!  How amazing is that?  Such a great group they are.

*Not pictured is the RIDICULOUSLY TALENTED For King and Country who put on the best show of the night to close it.  I am definitely seeing them next time they are in Texas, though.  Check them out here!  What a good example of musicianship, message and what it means to be a man (their message was incredible).
 Sidewalk Prophets - What a genuine guy!

This was the funniest part of the evening.  The band Red totally took us by surprise with their screaming heavy metal sound LOL  Totally not what we expected!

Matthew West - What Christian music is made of!  Will see him every time he's in town now.  His message is so good, genuine, heart-felt, and he was super funny too.  Click on his name to hear one of my favorites!  Oh and this one for my world changers!

I've been wanting to see Crowder for YEARS, or since I started listening to Christian radio about 3 years ago.  He played in Austin a year ago but I couldn't find anyone to go with me.  Check him out!  In fact, download this song and play it loud on your iPod.  One of my all-time favorite songs.

I love my ladies church group!  Such amazing friends.

 Saturday was spent relaxing in the AM with my fur baby...
Until it was time to hit Nacogdotches with my girlfriends Heather and Lori.  They have been following Clay Walker all over Texas and invited me to go with them.  Glad I did!  Since the concert was late we ended up renting a room at the Quality Inn.
Though the lobby looked alright the coffee was cold and it didn't appear that ANYONE who worked there realized that a BUISness center is not really a great place to do your business...  Seriously, everyone who worked there had no idea that ALL of their signs had this...  However, they did have an indoor pool so I can't hate on them too bad.
 While heading to the bar I found this amazing well art.  
Opening for Clay was an upcoming star Justin Adams.  If you follow him on Facebook or Instagram you will see he's a total social media hound and spends a lot of time taking pictures with you after his set.  He is super entertaining, and covers a lot of super popular country classics.  I'd definitely see him again and I highly suggest following him if you're a country music fan (or gorgeous man stalker).
And then there was Clay...

 I think it's the colors that makes me love this shot...

So, we had fairly good spots in the tables where we were enjoying some throwback drinks like Smirnoff Ice.  But my friend wanted to be closer so I pushed them into going to the front.  Glad Heather was there to push us through to the FRONT!
Best line of the Clay trip.... "You know it's been a good night when you take off your bra and confetti comes out."
Then, LASTLY a few days later one of my entrepreneur heroes, Pitbull came to the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo and luckily my Thirty-One girlfriends all wanted to get tickets.  We got the cheap seats for like $30 and it ended up being a total blast.
This guy is a role model for spreading his message of turning the negative things into your life into positive things.  Yeah, yeah, he has a bunch of half-naked girls all over him for a couple of hours but come on... Lol
Helpful tip: Create a Pitbull channel on your Pandora station or Amazon music.  You'll never have more fun during your work outs!
These girls... The best thing that came out of my 3.5 years as a business owner!  Jillian even came in from Corpus Christi for the night.  The weather (which was predicted to be HORRIBLE) held out for us.  It ended up being a great night and I wish I could've stayed even longer.

*How can you not post something like this and click Publish with a huge smile on your face??  What an amazing life I get to live and I couldn't do it without all these people that bring such light into my little life.  #lifejustkeepsgettingbetter #musiclover