Thursday, November 22, 2012

New Orleans, Day 2

So, after Pat O'Briens there was no way I was going to make it to Rock N Bowl. (Sadness)  I slept so much and still woke up with such a horrible headache.  I was so nauseas...maybe from not eating much before then?  I'm not sure...  Anyways, unfortunately we had to check out of the first hotel due to being fully booked and head to another super cute one Heather found called the Country Inn and Suites.  She drove the 2 miles from one hotel to the other but I was utterly grateful.  On the way I picked up some Advil and Pepto pills and some Sprite.  I felt absolutely horrible but she met some friends that afternoon while I slept and rested ALL DAY.  I think I watched tv or read a book...or slept.  Not sure, but the hotel was super cute and comfy enough.
I was so elated to get into the room after being so tired and not feeling well.
The hotel was decorated so well for Christmas!  I love getting into the Christmas spirit right after Thanksgiving.  You can also see the wooden pillars above that really added to the rustic country look of the hotel.
(Taken later at night..) The outside of the hotel.  Very New Orleans looking, huh?  You could even miss it while driving by the busy Canal Street.

FINALLY around 7pm I started to feel like myself again.  The nausea parted and I kept reading my 1000 Things book over and over.  So we headed to Mother's Restaurant for some po'boys!

A favorite with the local police. :)
Waiting in the line was a trip... All these people lined up outdoors...  Glad the weather wasn't bad, lol.  But it's definitely a good sign when people are lined up waiting for food!
Then when we got in there was even more of a line, lol.  You stay in line and order your food from a cafeteria style counter.  Then after you pay you can sit wherever you like.
I loved the local hero wall!  No wonder the police guard it so well outside. :)  God Bless Our Troops!!!
Hmmmm "Fried Shrimp Po-Boy" sounds good to me!
And we say right by Adam :)  Shout out to Man vs. Food!!
My Po'Boy was sooooooo good!  Heather liked her ham, too.  And after eating I really started to feel better!  So it was time to hit some jazzzzzzzzz.
 I heard about Tipitina's from the 1000 Places book.  Heather and her friends seemed to like it, although the GPS took us through some funky, scary part of town!  
 The first set was fantastic.  This guy, Heather would have to tell you who it was..., was very entertaining.
The second band was kind of boring...not very entertaining.  I went upstairs to get some pictures of the stage and see what it was like up there.  I was relieved to find some benches since I was a bit tired from all the stuff the earlier part of the day.  The band just couldn't recover so we decided to go back to the hotel a bit early.... Only to be awoken by the dang FIRE ALARM at like 3:30 A.M.  Someone (unnamed) slept right through it, and missed me yelling "Get your stuff, we gotta get outta here!"  Thank goodness it was a false alarm.  Lol, the travel adventures of Brandy and Heather.  "We gotta write this stuff down!"  Well, consider it least one part, lol.

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