Friday, April 5, 2013

Christmas 2011

So we started our Christmas events by making cookies.... My mom makes the BEST Christmas cookies (well, her and my grandma...but they're the same, right?)  Decorating was super fun.  The kids had a GREAT time, as you can see.  And we were all in our pajamas so it was comfy and they didn't last but a day or two! 
  Reuben learning how to put sprinkles on a cookie
 The boys and their finished products.  (Almost looks like Halloween colors lol)
 Soon enough it was Christmas Eve and Santa was GENEROUS!  So blessed is our family.
Christmas morning!!  The boys had a BLAST opening presents...  Was excited to get 8 books (that I still haven't read 2 years later lol but I have an AMAZING collection of books! :) 
And I had to take a picture because this was a BIG Deal!  I cooked Christmas Breakfast for everyone :)  I was so excited... I have to cook this stuff every year for the stupid school breakfast and I ruin it because of all the stress of the last day of school before break.  But when I had time off I actualy made it, and everyone LOVED it and I felt so accomplished.  Lol, it's truly the little things in life.
And after presents and breakfast we spent the rest of the day riding bikes...truly....until the sun went down!  So happy the boys loved their bikes and so excited that I got to spend the day with them.  Hoping to spend another Christmas with them soon.                                    

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