Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Back and Ready to Explore Everything the World Has to Offer

After a 2.5 year hiatus I have returned to the wonderful world of Where is Brandy? an online account of my travels that I can use to write stories and share with friends/family about where I am in this crazy world.

But first...

Where have I been?!  I got SO behind in my blogging that it almost seemed irrelevant to continue.  Blogging about my travels 6 months later kind of defeated the purpose since I put the majority of my tips on www.virtualtourist.com.  After June I quit my teaching job to attend the University of Texas at Austin for a 2-year masters program.  I'm excited to have graduated last May and am now an elementary education curriculum specialist in Houston.

Any updates?  I have met two amazing travel girls who love to the explore the world too!  We have been as far as Ireland with dreams to traipse the world one country and adventure at a time.  They'll be making appearances on here soon enough.

Where are you headed in 2016?  Travel plans are in and I'm headed on a cruise to the Bahamas in April, Mesa Verde, Colorado in the summer and New York City for Thanksgiving.  I'm excited to say that my mother will be joining us in NYC!  She's not much of a traveler but I'm hoping to open her eyes to this glorious travel world I live in.  :)

Up Next: The girls and I headed to Louisiana on a whim this New Years Eve in pursuit of some magical nachos and tried our luck.  Stay tuned for the next post tomorrow about how we rang in the new year of 2016!

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