Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Burger Fresh Fun

So, I don't normally post random restaurant reviews but this one comes with a story.  It's probably more, "You have to be there," but it's one of those memories I want to remember for a while.  As those who are close to me know my dad was disabled about a year ago after being in a 43-day coma suffering from liver failure.  I've been AMAZINGLY blessed to still have him with me (at all time, lol) and he seems to have recovered probably 90% of what he was before.  It's kind of nice to have someone laugh at all my shenanigans that I seem to get into constantly.  And it makes him laugh so it's all good.  

So one of my interests is Groupon.  It's a daily coupon service that (supposedly) gives a 50%+ coupon each day for local businesses.  On Groupon, I found a burger deal for $13 for two Burger Baskets.  I didn't know the place but it said it was voted Texas Monthly's best burger one year.  So, sounded good to me!  My bad habit with Groupon is not using them til the deadline comes.  So, one night I drug my dad with me to Tomball to try this amazing burger place.  Of course, we went around a normal dinner time, so traffic was HORRIBLE.  We waited and waited in traffic, expecting some nice, classic burger place.  But my GPS was not in an area where one of those type places would be.  Next thing you know we're pulling into an old Dairy Queen with the sign changed to Burger Fresh.  Oh my gosh, we LAUGHED and LAUGHED and LAUGHED.  We just waited in rush hour traffic over an hour to eat at a Dairy Queen. LOL  (Like I said, you probably are thinking, "Had to be there," but the laughing we did, and still do upon the memory of it, is quite classic.
As you can see, at night, the sign was hardly readable.  The Dairy Queen turned...Burger Fresh!

I did like how the decor supported the local high school. :) 
And the reason we came... The Best Burger plaque from Texas Monthly.  It has a crazy amount of toppings.  I didn't get them all...
But, it was HUGE...  And it was delicious!  The bun was really good, and all the toppings made it fantastic.  I couldn't quite eat it all, and my dad only ate half, but it was a fun time, and thanks to Groupon a pretty cheap dinner date.  The laughs, though, are pretty priceless.  And my dad still tells the story to friends and family. :)

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  1. Dairy Queen moved two lights down under the 249 bridge across from Dennys now. I worked at both buildings. And was even the main cook at Burger Fresh. But they got shut down after me and my crew sued the owner Scott Leventworth for not paying use for working us 80 hours a week with no overtime pay working minimum wage.